Spokane CEREC Dental Treatment

CEREC is a state-of-the-art dental technology that allows us to offer patients same-day dental procedures like crowns, inlays, and onlays. You’ll never have to make two visits for a crown again! CEREC is perfect for folks who are too busy for multiple visits.

Restorations with CEREC


At Integrated Dental Arts, we not only value our patients but we value their comfort and time as well.  That is why we have invested in Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA); Galileos, our Cone Beam Imaging system, as well as CEREC One-Visit Dentistry technology.  With CEREC One-Visit Dentistry, our patients benefit in multiple ways: from the elimination of impression material to the lack of temporary crowns to One-Visit Dentistry.  There are some situations in which we may need to send the crown to an outside lab, however most patients are able to utilize our CEREC technology.

Our lack of use of impression material means no unpleasant impression material taste.  No longer are our patients required to bite on impression material for several minutes, have a numb jaw or an aching jaw.  That also means no impression tray to irritate your gums.  Drs. Hakes and Eliassen have a camera that can capture images of your mouth and then transfer this to the computer.

Lack of temporary crowns means there is no need for a second visit thus the One-Visit Dentistry.  On your one and only visit for a crown, we take the impression digitally; fabricate the crown in our in-house lab and then seat the crown – all in a few hours.  This is where we value your time as there is no second appointment.  No second appointment that is scheduled along with your busy work, life and family schedules.  No second injection.  No second appointment getting your hair messed up in the dental chair.  One-Visit Dentistry and you leave with your permanent crown not a temporary crown.

To find out more visit: http://www.onlyonevisit.com/identalarts