General & Preventive Dentistry

General & Preventive Dentistry

Every Smile Deserves a Proactive Approach to Care

At Integrated Dental Arts, patients enjoy their natural teeth for many years because of our early, preventive care. Treating problems when they are small will keep more healthy tooth structure intact, and prevent large, complex problems later on. Our patients benefit from an integration of health-focused services such as:

Spokane Comprehensive Dental Exams

Every new patient receives a thorough dental examination that assesses the health and function of his or her teeth, gums, and jaw. We don’t leave out a single aspect of your smile during your annual exam.

Spokane Oral Cancer Screenings

Everyone is at risk for oral cancer, even those with no risk factors such as tobacco or alcohol use. Early diagnosis is key to successful treatment. Dr. Hakes and Dr. Eliassen both perform an oral cancer screening during every routine exam.

Intra Oral Camera Services Spokane

With a small, handheld, high-resolution intraoral camera, you can see everything Dr. Hakes or Dr. Eliassen do during your exam. We capture both video and still images of areas of concern which allow us to discuss treatment with fully informed patients.


The IRIS HD brings the smallest details into brilliant full-screen high-resolution focus.

Extreme clarity in HD is obtained with the IRIS HD precision optical lens array and Sony’s advanced HD sensor for the finest picture quality.

The IRIS HD is another one of the many tools we utilize to maintain our dental health partnership with you.  The crystal clear images of the IRIS intra-oral pictures assists in your ability to make an informed and educated decision in your treatment and ultimately creating healthy, harmonious smiles for life.

Dental Hygiene Treatment Spokane



Preventive appointments keep gum disease at bay and equip patients with the tools and skills they need to keep their mouths healthy. We recommend a dental hygiene visit every 6 months to remove harmful tartar and plaque. Our hygienists use gentle Cavitron scalers that remove tartar and plaque from hard-to-reach areas.

Periodontal Therapy Spokane

Gum disease is no laughing matter. It causes more adults to lose their teeth than any other dental condition. We implement therapeutic and diagnostic steps to treat periodontal disease early, with dramatic results.

Spokane Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride varnish strengthens tooth enamel, repels tooth decay, and eases tooth sensitivity. We apply fluoride treatments after every cleaning for patients of all ages. It is one of the many, many ways we help our patients keep their mouths healthy.

Spokane Mouthguards

Nighttime grinding can cause wear to your teeth and aggravate your TMD. Likewise, playing sports may cause tooth damage. We offer customized guards that stay in place comfortably during high levels of activity, and during your quietest time of the day.

Spokane Dental Emergency Care

You might not be ready for a dental emergency, but at Integrated Dental Arts we always are. We treat emergencies as quickly as possible to eliminate discomfort and put the smile back on your face.

Wand STA

Dr. Hakes and Dr. Eliassen both pride themselves in their gentle dental care, but they both have taken it a step further. The WAND STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) is a delivery system that allows patients to be anesthetized without traditional injections. A tiny needle directs anesthetic to localized tissue areas for comfortable, quick numbing. In fact, we can get so specifically localized, we can numb a single tooth! No more numb lips for hours after your appointment!


More comfort & less anxiety

  • Significantly more comfortable than the traditional syringe.
  • Greatly reduces anxiety.
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness.

More efficient use of your time

  • STA enables multi tooth treatment in one visit without face and lip numbness.
  • Can go straight back to work without a numb face and/or lip.

Greater satisfaction

  • Many of our patients are more satisfied with and prefer The Wand vs. the traditional syringe.
  • The latest technology that you can immediately feel, or not feel as is the case most of the time.