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General Dentistry

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Prevention is key to a healthy and age-defying smile.

At Integrated Dental Arts, we believe that having a strong oral health routine can have an impact on your overall health. That’s why we take the whole-body approach with every procedure or treatment we do.

We offer services like routine hygiene visits, oral cancer screenings, periodontal therapy, and more to support you and your family wherever you are in your oral health journey.


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General Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Integrated Dental Arts is a family-owned dental office and we’re here to serve all of your family’s needs under one roof! We provide all the services for preventive measures as well as restorative treatments and routine general dentistry to make sure your smile is maintained for life. Whether it be those formative years when you require regular cleanings and tooth straightening to more advanced dental interventions later in life like crowns and bridges, We will be here to guide you in your oral health journey.

Comprehensive Exams

We believe in being thorough and complete in our evaluation of your oral health care. That starts with our comprehensive exams which allow us to develop baselines in order to come up with the best possible treatment plan to achieve your goals. We start with various screenings and assessments utilizing advanced imaging and technology to get a clear picture of your mouth and its surrounding tissues and jaws.

Oral Cancer Screenings

According to Cancer.gov, more than half of oral cancers have begun to spread by the time they’re discovered. That’s why a thorough oral cancer screening can be such a critical intervention. An oral cancer screening is an assessment we provide to look for any cancerous or cancerous conditions in your mouth. From there, we can discuss an appropriate next step if there are any potential issues. If not, this can be a relatively quick assurance that will give you peace of mind and confidence in your oral health.


We use digital panoramic X-rays and the latest in 3D CT imaging technology to get an in-depth look at the hard and soft tissues supporting your facial structure as well as bone dentistry. These technologies can help us understand what the process and outcome may be for specialty procedures like dentures and implants. We ensure that by the use of this imaging, we can create predictable results.


A healthy smile is a confident smile. That is why we recommend following the recommendations of bi-annual cleanings unless periodontal disease exists. Then we may ask to see you more often. Our team has received an advanced level of training in order to utilize Guided Biofilm Therapy as our standard of care in maintaining good oral hygiene habits. This therapy uses a staining agent which allows us to see where improvements can be made in brushing and flossing regularly so that caries can be prevented. This process utilizes warm water, like a gentle powerwash which removes plaque above and below the gumline. We are the only office locally to be able to offer this advanced preventive measure.

Periodontal Therapy

If you can keep your gums healthy, you can keep your smile healthy, for life. We utilize the Piezo Laser for enhanced treatment and faster healing time to avoid more advanced procedures and possible surgery. Periodontal therapy can help you prevent the progression of gum disease by following the recommendations provided by our dentists at Integrated Dental Arts.

Fluoride Treatments

Whether in the form of a gel, varnish, or foam, a fluoride treatment can be part of a regular routine to ensure your teeth are strong. When dental plaque and bacteria attack your tooth enamel, it can lead to a process called mineral loss. This means decreased strength in the tooth, which can lead to tooth decay, chipping, and possibly breakage requiring more extensive treatment. The use of fluoride helps to remineralize your enamel creating a stronger tooth structure, reducing the risk of caries. 


Tooth grinding can be a major problem, wearing away at the strength and quality of your teeth. It can even cause headaches and issues like TMJ which affects your temporomandibular joint. Mouthguards are a potential solution to help prevent issues like bruxism, and the clenching and grinding of teeth when you’re fast asleep. Bruxism can be caused due to stress and lack of sleep and even some medications. Sleep bruxism can be something that damages the tooth without you even realizing it—and when the solution is as simple as a mouthguard, you need to talk to us today.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry, which uses a focused light beam for a variety of treatments for gum disease and cavities, can provide a number of benefits. Laser treatments are often more comfortable than the alternatives, giving you better results with less invasiveness and faster healing time. Laser dentistry can include cavity detection, assistance with fillings, and even gum recontouring to restore the health and appearance of your natural smile.

Emergency Care

Not all care is preventative care, unfortunately. Sometimes you need to deal with emergencies that can’t wait. Chipped or broken teeth, sore gums, denture repairs, and sudden temperature sensitivity may need to be dealt with immediately. In some cases, dental emergencies can be even more profoundly threatening, which means you cannot wait. When toothaches are left untreated they can turn into more invasive and more expensive treatment that may have been prevented.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call us today to schedule your evaluation.

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