Implant Dentistry in Spokane Washington

Implant Dentistry

Comprehensive Dental Implant Therapy and All-on-4 Dentures

Spokane Cone Beam 3D Imaging


This 3D imaging has been designed for dentistry.  The precise imaging permits Drs. Hakes and Eliassen to diagnose from accurate, undistorted, one-to-one images.  This results in greater diagnostic accuracy and greater diagnostic confidence.  However, it means even more than that.  3D offers the ability to enhance treatment planning, and obtain more consistent patient outcomes.  Beyond the clinical aspects, Galileos is also a wonderful patient education tool.  For the first time patients can see their anatomy in accurate real-life perspectives that allows them to understand their own oral health.  This improved comprehension leads to a greater bond between doctor and patients.  Patient positioning is quick, just relax, and 14 seconds later the scan is complete.


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Imaging software does the rest.  Yes, any view we need, on demand, from the same single scan.  The system also includes treatment planning software, integrated implant planning, and the ability to fabricate surgical guides in house.  This means that there will be fewer surprises when we proceed with treatment.  We chose the Galileos 3D technology because of the very low radiation exposure compared to other brands of dental 3D and up to 100 times less than traditional CT scans taken at hospitals.  The 3D scan with Galileos is less than half the radiation from a traditional film full mouth series.



Comfortable Comprehensive Implant Care Spokane

Implants are the revolutionary way to replace one, two, five, or all of your missing teeth. An implant is built on the foundation of a titanium “root.” They are permanent tooth replacements that look and feel just like natural teeth.

The Integrated Dental Arts Experience

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the entire implant process could be completed at one location. At Integrated Dental Arts, it can! Most of our patients receive their entire treatment in our convenient, friendly, familiar office, to benefit from our skill and expertise for start-to-finish implant therapy and a perfect combination of convenience, comfort, and trust.
Our state-of-the-art 3D cone beam technology allows us to pinpoint the healthiest bone structure which simplifies treatment and reduces recovery time. It also opens care to patients who have not previously been candidates for implants, so even if another dentist told you no, please ask about implant therapy.
And don’t worry, you’ll have access to sedation options during your implant placement.

Spokane All-On-4-Denture Implants

In addition to single crowns and multi-tooth dental bridges, we also work with trusted specialists to offer implant anchored dentures. The trade name is All-on-4 dentures, because they are anchored by as few as 4 implant roots. Unlike traditional dentures, your implant-supported dentures are permanently anchored to your gums, and take up far less space. You will enjoy more freedom, easier speech, and more enjoyable meals when you wear implant anchored dentures.