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Implant Dentistry

Spokane Dental Implants

A smile with missing teeth doesn’t just change the way you eat. It changes the way you live. Loss of confidence, biting functionality, and even problems talking can completely upend your life. But it’s no reason to give up on your smile.

We offer dental implant options from single-tooth implants to full arch restorations. We’ll be happy to consult with you on your specific needs to suit your individual oral health goals.

Our goal? To provide you with the complete confidence you need to take full bites out of life.


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Benefits of an Implant

There are many benefits to getting dental implants including:

Boosted Aesthetics – Dental implants enable you to have a full smile once more! With Spokane implant dentistry, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and restorations.

Improved Functionality – Having a gappy smile can make it difficult to chew or speak. Implant dentistry can help you regain the functionality of your smile so that you can do everyday tasks.

Better Overall Health – Lastly, implant dentistry can improve your overall health by keeping your smile aligned and allowing you to eat a diet that your body needs to thrive.

Single Tooth Implants

A single missing tooth doesn’t require a full mouth intervention—but it can still be the first thing people notice when you smile. And when you bite into an apple, you’ll notice, too.

Fortunately, single-tooth implants can be simple and straightforward once you work with us. We’ll sit down with you to talk about your options, then create a plan for getting a single-tooth implant that not only matches your smile but feels as comfortable as your natural teeth.

Once you’re finished, you can go about your life like the tooth was never missing—which can be a complete confidence booster to our patients.

Implant Retained Dentures

With implant retained dentures, you may need a more aggressive tooth replacement, but you still have the amount of jawbone necessary to support full implants.

In contrast to temporary dentures, these dentures can stay with you, which will make them feel more like natural teeth.

Many patients can last 10 to 20 years with these implants—or even longer—which can also be a major upgrade over traditional dentures in terms of convenience.

Are they right for you? We can only answer that question after a consultation. Our imaging technology will help us understand what your jaw can support.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

“All on 4” dental implants refer to a procedure where you receive a full mouth of implanted teeth with four total implants as anchors.

The idea is simple: create a full set of teeth for the patient with the least invasive implantation procedure possible. This makes for a healthier way of rebuilding an entire smile—and in the right cases, can be the best long-term solution for your needs.

The procedure can sound scary and intimidating at first, but it ultimately adds up to a less invasive way to rebuild your smile.

Talk to us and we’ll be glad to address how our patients handle it with our anti-anxiety offerings.

Bone Grafting

Sometimes, the jawbone supporting the teeth isn’t sufficient for your implant needs. In that case, you may be a candidate for bone grafting, which adds strength and density to the underlying bone support.

If it sounds like another scary procedure, remember that this is a case where you may be sedated, which means that the entire process can be much more comfortable than you might imagine.

The result is more strength where you need it the most—and it provides the foundation upon which we can start rebuilding that smile of yours.

We’ll help diagnose whether your mouth needs bone grafting for the procedures you’re seeking.

Sinus Lift

Some people find that missing teeth and bone loss can drastically change their appearance, even from the outside looking in. That’s to say nothing of the smile itself.

If you have been missing teeth for a while, it’s possible that your sinuses have expanded into the area where the dental implants need to be placed, making precise implant placement challenging. In such cases, you might need a sinus lift procedure to create enough space and support for the implants.