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Myofuncational Dentistry

Myofunctional Therapy Spokane

The muscles in your face and jaw are an important part of your growth from early childhood into adulthood. Developmental issues like an underdeveloped jaw that when addressed at an early age, symptoms can be reversed and in some cases eliminated completely.

Studies show that by age 4, 60% of craniofacial development is complete. 90% is complete by age 9. By around age 18, the jaw has finished developing. Some symptoms of poor breathing while sleeping are snoring, teeth grinding, mouth breathing and drooling on the pillow which can result in bed wetting, headaches, mood swings, and difficulty with concentration.

Additional concerns that may emerge include decreased cognitive development, behavioral issues and ADHD-like symptoms in children.

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional Therapy uses neuromuscular re-patterning in order to create new habits in breathing, swallowing, and how our muscles function at rest.

When your muscles are moving in harmony, the jaw can develop properly and create plenty of space for adult teeth.

Not only do we work to strengthen the muscles, but you may also have to work on the unconscious habits you’ve developed over the years.

Ideally, you’ll improve the position of your tongue when at rest, maintain a lip seal for better breath control, and feel your nasal breathing open up.